Lasolarworld PTY Ltd supply and install 100L, 150L, 200L, 250L and 300L of both low pressure and high pressure.

The different between low pressure solar geyser non pressure (0 Kpa) and high pressure solar geyser (400 Kpa), low pressure solar geyser can be used if you only use it in a kitchen and bathroom (at least more than 1 bathroom) without shower and mixer tapes, while the high pressure geyser (400 Kpa or 600 Kpa) has enough pressure to supply multiple kitchens and bathroom even when you have showers and mixer tape. We also covert current electric geyser into solar. The electric geyser will now work from both solar and electric, it must be less than three (3) year installed.

Our Solar geyser is not-all-size fit all, below is the table on how to choose the right geyser size to your family. The size you choose can have a big impact on your day-to-day life.

The Table Below is also used when doing convention from electricity to both solar and electrical.

Number of People

Liters of Solar geyser needed











N.B we presume an adult per day use about 50L


We also replace broken solar evacuated tubes, add install booster pump to supplement less pressure on low pressure solar geysers and do yearly maintenance and replacement of dysfunctional component of solar geyser.

We Provide Sales , Installation, Maintenance , Repair and Plumbing Services for all Solar Geysers.

Solar Geyser

we supply and install  solar geyser systems and tanks of all sizes to suit all of your hot water needs.

why  using solar geyser 

The energy is free and renewable. Using a solar geyser means it will continue heating water even on cold and cloudy days.
The water quality does not influence the system.
You can save up to 90 percent of your family’s water heating costs.


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